WMS has implemented numerous coaching and wellness solutions for members, organizations, and providers. The options below are samples of what we offer. Modules can be added, tailored and fine-tuned to best match your company's coaching and wellness solution.

Coaching Options:

Wellness Options:


Members can assess their current health status by answering questions regarding their health, personal, and family medical history, physical activity, lifestyle behaviors, diet and more. Upon completion of the Health Risk Assessment, the employee or dependent will receive a Health Risk Assessment Report. The Report includes a personal health score and detailed information about what they are doing well and where they need improvement.


Health screenings are one of the basic elements of an effective wellness program. With our system, members can track current screening results and access their screening history. Members meet requirements by completing specified health screenings as defined by their company. Health screens, such as a lipid profile, may be covered by a member’s insurance plan or can be provided through a health fair. This also provides aggregate data that can be used for summary reporting.

Biometric Tracking

Members have the ability to track progress within their wellness system. Trackers give dated statistics and recommendations on activities that will improve their health. Trackers provide members with the ability to log actual statistics and goals. Meanwhile, members can log daily diaries and notes throughout their wellness journey.

Our tracker tool allows members to track from over 40 different measurement indexes and assess different health issues. This information comes from various sources, including screening, assessments, and ongoing tracking. Members can track current measurement indexes and record goals as well. Graphs are used to provide a visual snapshot of progress.

Goal Tracking

After members become aware of their current health status, they can set goals to help direct their efforts. Goals can be customized to each member’s or physician’s preference.

Activity Tracking

Members can set up various activities pertaining to fitness, nutrition, and their lifestyle habits. Activities are type-driven, allowing members to track simply by a yes/no response. Organization admin members (or employers) can also set up activities for their members to complete within an incentive program.

Social Forum

Social forums bring engagement to a new level by allowing members to share their success stories, give and receive advice, and most importantly create support teams along wellness journeys. Members and organizations can communicate at every second and provide motivation at its finest.

Participant Reporting

Real-time reporting tools allow members to view snapshots of their exisiting wellness status. For example, the Health Risk Assessment Report provides an overall index score, a number that combines the member's HRA responses and biometric data. Screening, tracking, and activity reports can also be provided.

Account Management

Wellness Steps For Life's account manager gives organizations 24/7 access to manage all company accounts and contacts. Our dashboard allows for organization member tracking, qualifications, statistics, locations, notes, and account status.

An account profile manager also allows organizations to manage account executives, markets, industries, survey statistics, key stats, relationships and more.

Service Ticket Management

When a member has a customer service request, they can easily navigate to our Customer Service interface. Once they arrive to the page, a member can create a new customer service session. They can choose between the account-defined customer service categories (Examples include: general question, technical support, rewards support, billing). Upon a new session request, the customer service contact will immediately receive an email notifying them of the new request. Customer service sessions are a two-way conversation, allowing the memebers' questions to be answered on a personal basis.

File Management

An online file manager is provided within our system. Organization employers are capable of controlling access to files and uploading new files that are relevant to wellness, their assessment results, and their business.

Notification Management

Our system offers system notifications and reminders to ease each employee's wellness process. System registration reminders, such as initial setup emails, welcome emails and password reset emails are particular examples. Other examples include account-specific reminder notifications and system-wide notifications.

First Type - System Registration
- Initial Setup Email
- Welcome Email
- Password Reset Email

Second Type - Reminder Notification Examples
- "You have not completed your Wellness Profile Assessment within a # of days."
- "You have not completed any activities within a # of days."
- Our system also offers reminder notifications for users every 7 days during Self Help Programs.
- On-demand notifications of setup and completion.
- Numerous types of SMS (text messaging) notifications are offered.
- Events i.e. Health Fair and Lunch N Learn Reminders

Third Type - Custom Notifications
- System Wide Notifications
- Company-Defined Notifications
- Customer Service Notifications

Coach Dashboards

Our Coaching dashboard allows coaches to track answered sessions, session notes, participant information, program information, assessment and health factor information, and more.


Your company can now administrate the scheduling of coaching sessions, health fairs, employee screening setup and various other events through our Wellness Scheduling module.

Program Management

Our program manager for coaching sessions allows you to add and track programs, screening dates, intake dates, program dates, descriptions, point information, eligibility and more.


Our Eligibility Analyzer gathers current and historical data throughout the system in order to dynamically generate various programs and information. The program generator best meets the needs of the member through our rule-based engine. This process continually updates information and eligibility throughout the life cycle of our members.

Aggregate Reporting