Templemir provides other services with our base platform. Over the years there have been a wide variety of requests including; full services Assessments, Analytics for RFP's, small location nurse interaction and automated process to transfer lab data to 3rd party providers.
Templemir can also help you develop a strategy around your employee communication and training with our platform. Services include developing electronic communictions in video, web content and communications.

Other Services:


Members can assess their current health status by answering questions regarding their health, personal, and family medical history, physical activity, lifestyle behaviors, diet and more. Upon completion of the Health Risk Assessment, the employee or dependent will receive a Health Risk Assessment Report. The Report includes a personal health score and detailed information about what they are doing well and where they need improvement.


Health screenings are one of the basic elements of an effective wellness program. With our system, members can track current screening results and access their screening history. Members meet requirements by completing specified health screenings as defined by their company. Health screens, such as a lipid profile, may be covered by a member’s insurance plan or can be provided through a health fair. This also provides aggregate data that can be used for summary reporting.

Biometric Tracking

Members have the ability to track progress within their wellness system. Trackers give dated statistics and recommendations on activities that will improve their health. Trackers provide members with the ability to log actual statistics and goals. Meanwhile, members can log daily diaries and notes throughout their wellness journey.

Our tracker tool allows members to track from over 40 different measurement indexes and assess different health issues. This information comes from various sources, including screening, assessments, and ongoing tracking. Members can track current measurement indexes and record goals as well. Graphs are used to provide a visual snapshot of progress.