Introducing a wellness coaching platform that meets members needs

Want to drive more efficient wellness coaching programs? This is how our optimized online wellness coaching system comes into play. Our system makes coaching more streamlined and allows for more quality time spent with members. With our health collaboration tools, you can now do more with the limited time you have. Engagement is taken to a whole new level.


Our coaching platform truly engages your members where they need it the most. A person's well-being is paved greatly by choices. Our system allows members to pick wellness tools that best fit their needs, and allows coaches to assist the members along the way.


Our solution provides the hardware, software, service and support that is essential. Our scheduling, session and communication tools allow coaches to work closely and promptly with wellness members.


Populations are ever changing. We continually push to add new modules and features for coaching and wellness. We believe this keeps engagement fresh. We can also tailor to fit each company's needs and current environment.


Each member has a thorough wellness dashboard tailored to their wellness needs. Members can track biometrics, add goals, complete wellness activities and more. Coaches have the ability to track progress by collaborating on items within a member's dashboard. There is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Other Benefits Include:

Streamlined Scheduling Options Configurable Program Eligibility Engine Consolidated User Info
Customizable Reporting and Analysis Integrated Communication Portal

How Do We Differentiate?

Secure Communications

Coaches and employees can communicate in a secure and private fashion through our integrated secure mail within coaching sessions.

User Centric

Employee have control over their and their dependents’ information and have the ability to self manage.

Shared Information

Simple information manager and favorites manager provide quick and easy ways to control access to information with service providers.

Qualitative Analysis

Analysis can be done on qualitative measures for coaching success and employee engagement.

How do we integrate wellness?

We provide a wide range of functionality that you can plug into your coaching experience with your members. All can be tightly integrated together within your program, from activity tracking to goal building to nutrition planning. Data can be acquired in three different paths through our API, as a coach is working with a member or self reported by the member on a daily basis. All of these nodes can help enhance your programs as you need them.